Spiritual Center and Couple's Retreat
South Point Rose Spiritual Center and Couple's Retreat is located at the 4,400 foot level, high on the majestic slopes of Mauna Loa in the Ka’u district of the Big Island of Hawaii. This isolated mountain paradise allows for privacy and luxurious solitude, while affording crisp mountain air, clear skies, and cool, starry nights.

South Point Rose started thirty years ago as a dream, an adventure, and continues to creatively manifest itself. 
  Additionally, the compound includes: a lush Grotto with two Waterfalls and elegant garden paths, a meditative Gazebo, an outdoor “Star Viewing Bed”, Croquet Lawn, and a Koa Park in which one may enjoy Archery, Horseshoe Pits, and an area for a challenging game of chess. There are fruit trees including: Peach, Grapefruit, Orange, Pear, Lemon and Cherry. An Organic Vegetable Garden and formal Rose Garden delight the senses, while “Chicken Town” provides organic eggs.
It is a lush four-acre compound which consists of: 
Two gorgeous homes, two luxurious guest facilities, a greenhouse, extensive workshops, an elegant Teahouse, expansive fire pit and gathering area, two fully equipped utility kitchens, a large Pavilion for group gatherings, a Gaming Room, and three individual mini bedrooms.
 As one’s experience at South Point Rose begins to unfold, one’s awareness is enveloped in three distinct flavors: while enjoying the Gingerbread Cottage, Formal Rose Garden, and Croquet Lawn, one is reminded of the feeling of a New England countryside; when in the Gathering Area amongst the Monterey Pines and Bon Fire, the feeling harks back to the Mid-West mountains; and when relaxing, reading, or just meditating in the cool Grotto, with the Waterfalls, tropical foliage, and exotic orchids, one is invited into mystery, and deep soul contentment.
South Point Rose is more than just a “destination”—it truly emanates a positive energy that is profoundly healing to the Mind/Body/ Spirit.
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Large Gatherings and Retreats:

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Those wishing to bring together a group for Spiritual healing, learning, creative expression, mastery, producing a product-- whatever the need-- will discover South Point Rose is the perfect milieu to orchestrate your particular group dynamic in effortless beauty and majestic solitude.

Imagine an afternoon and evening of pure relaxation and leisurely strolls through picturesque settings (with plenty of time for talking, laughing, and…..) dinner in a beautiful Tea House next to an open fire, and retiring to your luxurious accommodations. In the morning, relish the sheer decadence of Continental Breakfast delivered to your guest cottage. During your stay, couples may wish to arrange with Turia the opportunity for a Psychic Reading, or Crystal Healing, in addition to scheduling a rejuvenating Spa Bath or Sauna, or Healing Touch Massage.
South Point Rose is one and a-half hours’ driving distance from the Kona Airport, one hour from Volcano National Park, and 45 minutes from South Kona, Mauka.

Punalu’u Black Sands Beach is a 30 minute drive, downtown Hilo is a 2 hour drive, and majestic South Point, the Southernmost tip of the United States is a 45 minute journey (road conditions are slow, but the view is stunning!).

If you wish to discuss availability for large or small group accommodations at 
South Point Rose, please contact Gulam and Turia Lincoln at:

808-960-7514                 808-936-0879                  808-929-9327

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South Point Rose is designed to accommodate six couples comfortably, each in private quarters, and for larger groups, comfortable tents are available with bathroom and kitchen access.
South Point Rose is exceptional for large group gatherings such as family reunions. Everything you need to promote comfort and quality time is available to you.
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