The atmosphere for my crystal healing with Turia was welcoming, luxurious and I felt very safe. The experience was very positive; I felt like a very interesting story about myself was being revealed, and I really enjoyed what I learned! Thanks so much!
Readings & Healings
Turia takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of her clients that exceed expectations. She makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:
Reverend Gulam 
Turia is real.

I would not classify myself as a skeptic, but I definitely question things that I don't understand. Turia has taken me into that realm of not understanding, but, yet believing. She has communicated with departed people who were very important to me and told me things that only I could know.

Suzen Lily Talbot
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Larry A. Moen photo
Turia has a wonderful gift of being able to go deeply into one's inner heart, to assist with revealing the many layers of self which have covered up the places of vulnerability, where a being can once again let go, breathe deeply, and relax. Turia has thoughtfully designed a questionnaire for her clients to help them to take a look at what is really important in the process of going more deeply into one's own realignment of Soul, Mind and Body.
Turia takes great care to make certain that you are aware of your own guided process with Her. The meditation techniques which are shared are very effective and can be accessed later for further healing. The precision tuning in with gemstones and minerals used facilitated a quickening in my own growth and sense of well-being.
I have confidence in Turia as a Healer and for treatments in any of the modalities which she feels are beneficial to me as a client!